Five Reasons Why You Need Facebook for Business Marketing

If you are like many of the business owners I know, taking the time to tweet and update your facebook status is not a part of the daily routine. Actually the task seems quite daunting for many business owners. Let me explain the importances of having a business Facebook account.



Five reasons why you need Facebook for your business:

  • Connects your friends and customers to your business, so your business remains in the subconscious of your friends, customers, and potential customers. 
  • Allows you to have a personal connection with customers such as additions to the family, getting married, graduating, etc. Having a personal connection with customers goes a long way in business with keeping customers and creating new ones. 
  • Allows you to update customers with special offers, sales, new products, free seminars, etc.
  • Inform customers of any changes to your business, like business hours, location, phone numbers, holiday hours, etc.
  • Create an online presence with social media such as Facebook increases your ability to be found by customers online and increases your SEO for your business and website, if you have one.

Too busy and don’t know where to begin with Facebook for your business?



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