Social Media Confusion

Many businesses have websites online to increase their online presence and to help customers find their businesses.  However, how many of them have invested in a website that will rank high in searches? Just having a website is not enough to allow your site to be found by customers.



SEO will allow your website to be found.


Hiring someone to add Search Engine Optimization or SEO to your website will greatly increase your ability to be found. There are many things a web developer specializing in SEO can do for you, such as:


  • add a highly adaptable SEO plugin
  • adjusting the articles and content on the site for SEO
  • including a blog that gets updated with new information
  • adding a social media package to expand the reach of your website


Social Media brings more customers.


You say you don’t have the time to be online all day messing with setting up your Facebook, Tweeting what you are having for lunch, or making Youtube videos of your business?

Hire someone to do it for you. For a small monthly fee, let an SEO and Social Media Expert bring the customers to you.

Remaining in the hearts and minds of your customers with a personal touch through Social Media is a HUGE thing you can do to increase your online presence.


To purchase a Social Media & SEO Starter Kit for $199.00:


After the initial Starter Kit, if you feel you need a monthly subscription to handle all the posting, tweeting, and additional blogging, subscribe for $59 per month: