Island Style Vegan

This was my first website which I began years ago, before I knew how to design. So, it was a standard design given by, however it is the content and resulting community created which makes it so special. I came up with the idea to blog about how easy or difficult it would be to remain a vegan on Guam, a small island in the middle of the Pacific. Guam is a U.S. territory and gets most of its fresh fruits and vegetable from the U.S. market (all food must pass into the U.S. before being sent to Guam). There was limited farming on Guam, though certain vegetables could be bought fresh from farmers or the grocery stores. Guam has no major U.S. grocery store chains (a few local ones), very little organic fresh produce, and so I decided this would be a great challenge and a good one to document as a blog.

I started writing for myself, adding recipes, restaurant reviews, where to shop to find certain ingredients,etc. The blog grew into a community of vegans, vegetarians, and those interested in health. The blog was such a great way to meet other vegans and help vegans who were visiting Guam. Eventually more writers were invited to speak their minds about being vegan on Guam, and so the community kept growing! In my own life, because of this blog, I began to do nutritional and detoxification counseling, while offering supplements and other health products to a local wellness center. We began hosting events at the wellness center and talking about health to the community. We got together as readers, writers, and vegetable food lovers to share meals at vegan friendly establishments and to get to know one another and promote healthier lifestyles.

And that is the most amazing thing about creating websites!  I love to bring people together and to share information about life, food, and our passions in life.

Thanks to the terrific writers Melissa, Maria, and Bev who continue to share their island style vegan-ism!


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