Elegant Themes

I love the look of Elegant Themes. It looks amazing, especially the end result. See our beautiful site: chiropractor.com

However, it takes a crazy journey to get there and I’m not sure how if I want to go through the growing pains of going there again.

Some Advice for using Elegant Themes:

  • Read the readme carefully and watch the videos to learn how to do it before you begin.
  • Populate the theme with sample data provided and then revise the data to fit your content.
  • After revising the content, if the text in buttons or spacing doesn’t exactly fit right, go to the Elegant Themes Forums for that specific theme and do a search for the problem. Read and follow the edits to the theme, and things should be ok.
  • Ask Elegant Themes Designers for help as a last resort. It may take them awhile to get back to you. And they may need admin privileges to fix what went wrong.
  • Go to other online forums for help. I like WPMU.
  • When there are updates, it will delete any html coding changes you made to the theme. So keeping notes on what you did will be necessary. Or you can make use of child themes.