Aggregate Theme Edits

I love Elegant Theme’s Aggregate Theme. It is a responsive, magazine theme that displays a tremendous amount of articles or news in many different categories. The power in the Aggregate theme is in its beauty and organization. It has great site retention, keeping visitors on the site, because there is so many varied articles to look at. However, like all Elegant Themes, you may need to make some edits to the style.css or in other places to get the look you want for your site, always using a child theme of course. I’ve listed some edits to the Aggregate Theme that I have made on several websites. If you need some specific edits not listed here, you can always hire me. I have reasonable rates and I am quick, so the cost per hour is actually worth your while, so you don’t get frustrated working with Aggregate. The results are amazing when you get the look you want on your site with Aggregate.


html Edits for Elegant Theme’s Aggregate


Remove Tagline from Header

Changes to Header.php, remove line 82:

<p id=”slogan”><?php echo esc_html(get_bloginfo(‘description’)); ?></p>


 Edit Designed by, Powered by in Footer

Change line 41 in Footer.php to:

<p id=”copyright”>Designed & Powered by <a href=”” title=”DCZ Web Development”></a>


 Remove Date and Author in Slider Excerpt

Add to bottom of Style.css:

.featured-description p.meta-info {
display: none;


 Change Color and Font Size of Designed by, Powered by in Footer

Add to the bottom of style.css and change the color values and font size:

p#copyright {color: #f3daa5 !important; font-size: 12px;}
p#copyright a {color: #f3daa5 !important;}


Fix text size in ET Recent From Widget Button and remove author and date from “recent blog posts.”

Add this to the end of style.css:

.recent-from a.more { font-size: 11px; }.block-post p.meta-info {display: none;}


Remove left and right navigation buttons on photo slider

Add to bottom of style.css:

#featured .flex-direction-nav a.prev, #featured .flex-direction-nav {display: none;}


Fix left and right navigation buttons to appear as a whole button

This is an issue with Version 3.0 of Aggregate Theme sometimes.  If the button is halved and the right button is about 5 pixels in the wrong place inside of the slider, then add to the bottom of style.css:

a#left-arrow, a#right-arrow, #featured .flex-direction-nav a.flex-prev, #featured .flex-direction-nav a.flex-next {height:68px !important;}

a#right-arrow, #featured .flex-direction-nav a.flex-next {left:958px !important;}


 Make header height shorter

Add to the bottom of style.css.

#logo {margin-top: -60px; margin-bottom: -60px;}


Move tagline in header lower, change font type, font size, font color

Add the bottom of style.css.

p#slogan {
padding-top: 50px;
padding-bottom: 0px;
font-family: Arial;


Balance the top and bottom padding to the logo in the header

After adjusting the header height and/or logo/tagline locations, you will need to make the logo and tagline equidistant from the top and bottom of the header. Add this to the end of style.css.

padding-bottom: 7px !important;